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In Bruges

Yesterday we went with our art class to Bruges! It’s a small city just about an hour outside of Brussels (I slept on the train both ways :)). The city is sooooo old and romantic, and GORGEOUS! It snowed a little, but afterwards the sky was perfectly clear and blue! When it did snow, it didn’t snow flakes, they were chunks rather. I loved it! It was so much fun to play in, it looked like we were all wearing coats made out of snow, and that we had all aged 50 years with white hair.

We saw a couple museums, a church that has an original piece from Michelangelo, a “double church”, the town hall, the town square…everything! I think my favorite was the double church. It’s called a double church because there are essentially two separate churches in one. The first floor is for the peasants, or lower class people, and the top floor is for the noble people of the town. You can really tell the difference, the upstairs church has much more decoration, seating, and just all around more beautiful. The best part of this church is that they claim to have Jesus’ blood in a vial. There’s a priest that sits in front of the vial, and gives the public a chance to touch it and have a personal prayer with him. Of course, I touched the vial! I felt like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up… it was actually a very moving experience.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy Bruges, we are planning a trip in the spring so we can ride bikes around the entire city! A lot of rivers run through the town, and are mostly populated with swans. So that was cool, and picturesque. I can’t wait to go back, everyone NEEDS to go to Bruges!!! It’s so great 🙂


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