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Sorryyy I’m tardy!

ahhh! I know I know, I’ve been a slacker lately.

So let’s pick up from where we left off…

The weekend after Paris, we went to Antwerp! It’s a pretty hip, rich, buzzing city. I didn’t think it would be, but it’s VERY different from Bruges, and a lot more like Brussels. We went to a couple museums…my favorite was the house (now museum) of Peter Paul Rubens. I always love when you get to walk through something so historic. You know when you say to yourself  “I can’t believe I’m standing in the same spot as…so and so”, a good feeling. My other favorite of the trip was the printing press we visited, Plantin Press. I was dyingggg to use the old machinery…just ONE time. But of course…no hands allowed — bummer. But, in all reality it was incredible to see the time and effort that went into just making ONE small page of text. We have it so easy…

Alright, this last weekend…Amsterdam. Boyyyyy ohhhh booyyyyy, talk about culture shock. As one of my friends said “If Vegas and Bourbon street had a baby and they let Panama City babysit, that would be Amsterdam.” haha…and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Some of my favorite things we did were: Van Gogh museum, canal boat tour (where we saw the narrowest house, and narrowest alley!), Anne Frank’s house, the Jewish history museum, synagogues and churches, and the Pretty Lights concert we went to Saturday night.

We also visited the “coffee shops” and red light district (a bit disturbing, haha). But that’s all I’ll say about that!

At the Jewish history museum, we had a fantastic, cute, little tour guide named Mia. She took us through the entire museum and finally when we got to the last stop she told us a story. The story was about a Jewish family during WWII and she started out by telling us how the father of the family had been approached by someone who asked if he would like to be saved. Of course the father was intrigued, but there were some conditions…being that the entire family (mom, dad, 3 girls) would have to split up. One person to a different house, with different names that none of their other family members knew about. The father had a long discussion with the mother, and decided it was in their best interest to trust this guy, and try to make it through the war — even if they had to be apart from each other. So they did, and all ended up well (this is obviously the short version of the story)…and after the war, they met back up with their family and lived on. The father did have to get help because of the mental trauma from the whole war, but all in all everything was alright. After she ended this story, she then informed us that this was her family!

It was really cool, and she was so sweet that I was tempted to just go up to her and give her a big ole hug!

Catherine, Mom, and Aunt Lulu are coming this weekend — I’m unbelievably excited!! I’m going to have to draft some sort of itinerary for them when they come 🙂




This weekend we went to Paris, and had such a blast! Bruns and I stayed with my friend from Mizzou, Tracey, and all the others stayed in a hostel. Tracey lives in the 3rd district, right down the street from the pompidou!

The first night, we all met up and went out to a place called the Panic Room (“and boyyy did we sure panic”). It was pretty fun! We  didn’t do much this night because we didn’t get in until around 8 so we just grabbed a quick dinner, got ready, and went out!

We woke up pretty early on Saturday, ready for a full day of walking! Bruns, Tracey, and I walked EVERYWHERE! Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, up and along the Seine, Shakespeares & Co., The Louvre, Champs Elysees. One of my favorite parts of the day was when I got to play the piano upstairs in Shakespeares & Co! For those of you who don’t know, Shakespeares & Co is a really old bookstore that houses struggling writers for free if they work there during the day. One of the most famous “struggler” writers that stayed there was Ernest Hemingway. I really love this place, I could spend hours upon hours just wandering and getting lost among all the text — and of course sitting at the piano and just “tickling the ivory”.

My other favorite part of that day was this bridge crossing the Seine and leading to the Louvre. On either sides of the bridge there were pad locks with lovers names written on them and the date they locked it, to show the strength of their love. I thought it was pretty romantic and sweet. So sweeeeettttt 🙂 [][][]

Saturday Night we went out to a hipster place called Pin Up. it was actually really fun, but expensive. Bruns bought a bottle of Carlsberg for 6.50 euro. — that’s when we realized we missed our 3 euro Duvel back home in Brussels! But it was still really fun!! There was about an hour of the night where I danced by myself, haha. Gooooooddddd times!

Sunday we woke up SUPER early. We did a quick walk through of the Louvre, so Bruns could see Mona Lisa, Winged Victory (my favorite), Venus de Milo, and all the other famous ones. After the Louvre we went back closer to Tracey’s house did a little bit of shopping, ate some Macaroons, a banana and Nutella crepe and sat and watched this man make the BIGGEST bubbles outside the Pompidou. After we devoured our crepes we actually went in the Pompidou. I LOVED IT! It’s a lot more interesting to me than the Louvre. It’s a lot more modern and interactive!

Needless to say, Paris was awesome! I have officially decided it’s one of my favorite cities everrrr!!!!

This weekend we’re going to Antwerp (another city in Belgium) and then in 3 weeks I have visitors!