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Sorry I’ve been lacking. But, I have been really busy the past week!

So last weekend, we went on our last art trip to Trier, Germany. I didn’t know what to expect of Germany, but it really is a beautiful country. Trier is the oldest city of Germany, and it was pretty small too. But incredible, nonetheless.

In Trier, we saw a couple amazing churches. One was decorated in almost ALL gold on the inside. It was so cool! We also went to the Porta Nigra, which used to be the “gateway” to the city. It’s a huge building with open windows, etc made out of stone! It was really cool.

I think one of my favorite part of Trier, was the vineyard we went wine tasting at! We went to a small family -owned vineyard in the countryside. It has been in the same family since the 1800s. They grow their vines/grapes on the side of a steep hill so that the sunlight hits the grapes just perfectly. We got a quick tour from the owner (who I think had been in the sauce some, haha he was great!), and then we got right into the tasting! We tasted 4 different kinds of their wines and they were all sooooooo good! We also had freshly homemade bread with our wine, SO GOOD. I bought a bottle of wine to take home 🙂

My other favorite part of Trier was the Amphitheater, where the gladiators used to fight! This was fun because Bruns, Molly, Cat, and I did a bit of role playing/charades and chased each other around the arena. Yes, we’re five years old…it was so much fun!

Okay I lied, I have another favorite part too. The Imperial (Roman) Baths were really cool too! We did a lot of climbing on the walls, etc here. It was an awesome trip, even in the rain!

So a while back I applied to volunteer at the Brussels Forum, which is put on by the German Marshall Fund and it’s a big conference where US and EU officials meet and discuss issues and how they can improve the “transatlantic relationship”. The German Marshall Fund started after WWII, as an effort to keep the two Atlantic neighbors friendly. The conference was being held at the Conrad hotel, probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever set foot into. I was volunteering all week with the communications team, which I was SO happy about — I got to do sooo much! I wrote bios for the web, drafted up some press releases, and did a lot of other things too! Did I mention we got free food and drinks all week? IT WAS SO GREAT

Okay so the actual conference was this weekend. again, amazing! I saw so many cool people: Madeline Albright, Herman Von Rompuy, President Barroso, journalists from BBC, editors from The Economist, and the list seriously goes on, and on, and on, and on. I got to work in the actual press conference room all week, so I saw journalists working real-time and it was so fun! In the press conference room, I just answered questions, etc. nothing big — so I was able to watch all the panels discussing major issues too.

Both Saturday and Sunday nights were a blast. Jamie (another volunteer) and I snuck down to the dinner with all the important people. You should’ve seen that spread! Probably the MOST expensive food in the world for FREEEEE!!!! I tried foie gras for the first time…not my cup of tea. But I’m glad I tried it…just probably won’t happen again.

Sunday night was the huge staff party at Club Tribeca, again free food and free drinks…word was I didn’t make it home until pretty late! So, all in all it was a really successful week. I’m really glad I did that, I met so many amazing people and learned so much!!!


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